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Think Differently About Farming

Metagen is an Australian agricultural biotechnology company.  Through Advanced Microbial Technology we are committed to helping growers achieve Better Productivity Sustainably. We pay particular attention to providing solutions specific to Australian soils and conditions.

Metagen provides laboratory services to agronomists and growers including DNA extraction and enzyme testing. We produce soil treatment and foliar products specifically for Australian soils and conditions. Metagen Laboratories took over the business Petrik Soil Technology, as part of its focus on advancing services, products and technology for Australian conditions.


Our metagenomic laboratory is an innovation hub for agricultural biotechnology. Our highly skilled research team partners with agronomists, growers and universities, to provide a new generation of solutions for the future of agriculture.

We are committed to continual research, innovation and news ways of thinking. We believe it is vital to think differently about agriculture – and are committed to scientific rigour so growers can achieve sustainable solutions and a better future.

Our laboratory provides analysis and research services to Australian growers, agronomists and Universities.

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