About Metagen

Australian Agricultural Biotechnology

Metagen is an Australian owned biotechnology business focused on helping Australian growers optimise crop productivity and profitability.  

We utilise advanced microbial technology and our metagenomic laboratory offers a new generation in agricultural analytics.

In 2019 Metagen took over Petrik Soil Technology in Australia with the aim of advancing formulations through new research and innovation. We value sustainable solutions that lift productivity and have a high focus on improving crop health through new mechanisms for disease managment.  Our technology  at all times look to optimise and tap into the natural efficiencies and powerful processes of nature.  

We  understand the pressure on growers and work closely infield with growers part of our research processes. We believe there are smarter ways to farm that will bring new gains in productivity.

Science is showing us how.

Metagen has three focus areas:

We provide metagenomic technology services to agronomists, growers and Universities.


Our business is grower driven. We work in close partnership and some of Australia’s largest growers participate in our research. Our research direction is driven by our growers needs and they form part of the  direction of our business.

We believe research needs to have closer links to agronomy. We link our laboratory to what is happening in the paddock and the paddock data back to the lab.  We partner closely to ensure we continue to provide growers with the latest science based solutions.


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