R & D Projects

Role of Microbiology in Achieving Key Productivity Gains

Partnership with Sydney University

The University of Sydney and Metagen Australia have embarked on co-funded advanced research furthering the field of knowledge on the role of microbiology in achieving key productivity gains for Australian Growers. 

  • Understanding the role of microorganisms in crop productivity.
  • Exploring how best to stimulate biological pathways.
  • DNA analysis for soil health improvements.
  • Increasing nutrient uptake and availability through microbiology.

This partnership started a few years ago and now has expanded to include the inclusion of PhD students and the team of microbiologists closely overseeing results.


Increase knowledge of Nematode activity in sugar cane crops

Partnership with SARDI, University of Queensland and Total Grower Services

Metagen is a partner in this leading research with leading organisations – Total Grower Services, The University of Queensland, SARDI, Biological Crop Protection.

The aim of this project is to quantify soil health using beneficial nematodes as a key
indicator Spp, then calibrate metagenomics as a method of assessing through the Metagen laboratory.

The project is focused on assessing nematode species and activity in sugarcane crops. This data will provide important long-term benefits to the sugarcane industry and aims to improve both sustainability and productivity.
Metagen will provide comprehensive DNA test assessing the total diversity and abundance of all soil nematodes, in addition to a range of other soil microorganisms.

The project is being conducted together with Total Grower Services (Agronomy) The University of Queensland, SARDI, Biological Crop Protection.

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