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For over 6 years, we have been designing empirical, biological tools to harness the microbiome on every farm. To improve how we deliver our integrated solutions to growers, we are currently updating our online experience. You can visit our precursor site here or learn more about our mission below  ↓

Ending the era
of one-dimensional


About Metagen
Agroecology & Biotechnology

Searching for solutions

through a different lens.

We put agriculture under the microscope to bring a biological perspective to an ecological pursuit. Our mission is to harness the innate power of the microbiome on Australian farms to build a more resilient, productive and sustainable industry.

Biostimulants, Soil Health Programs & Microbial Lab Services
Building more reliable cropping systems and fortifying your soil’s biological defences.

Activating the protective power of the microbiome helps crops bounce back much faster. Our farmers benefit from lower disease incidence, improved climate hardiness and stress tolerance, taking the pressure off alternative, labour-intensive plant health regimes.

Building Resilience
Managing Risk

Unearthing the dormant potential in your microbiome and adding more value per hectare.

Our tailored, data-driven programs support acutely economical farming systems. Abundant agroecosystems are higher-yielding, require less inputs and perform consistently in harsh conditions when market supply is limited and efficiency is the top priority.

Creating Value
Raising Productivity

Restoring the land’s natural fertility and building climate solutions into your crop.

Biologically balanced cropping systems have a greater capacity to be self-sustaining, are less reliant on harmful, chemical conventions and create an industry-wide opportunity to scale back dependence on our largest contributors to carbon emissions and fungicide resistance.

Securing Sustainability
Reducing Footprints

Australia’s first

soil DNA lab.

We developed Australia’s first laboratory using modern molecular biology techniques to bring scientific rigor to product development and vital insight into agroecology and its blindspots. Our integrated, paddock-to-lab-to-paddock (PLP) approach affords growers complete visibility over their cropping systems, enabling proactive diagnosis, tracking and attunement.

We develop soil health programs for productive agroecosystems

Lab Capabilities

Soil DNA Testing
Soil Enzyme Testing
Microbial Health Reports
Chemical Analysis
Program Design & Development

Research Partners
Transforming Australian Soils

Identify and respond to disease pressures and imbalances.

Managing Risk

Measure performance and uncover production opportunities.

Raising Productivity

Optimise chemical inputs and lower carbon emissions.

Reducing Footprints

Metagen Formulations
Ecological Solutions

Our biostimulants increase the abundance and activity of untapped microorganisms already present in the soil.

Unlike conventional soil and plant health agents, biological formulations have multiple modes of action, rapidly enhancing the reliability and efficiency of cropping systems.

Currently available through Elders & Total Grower Services

Healthy phytobiomes exhibit greater nutritional efficiency,

measurably reduced carbon footprints and heightened  environmental resilience.

Under every farm lies a buried treasure with the power to change the world. Every handful of soil contains billions of microbial cells belonging to thousands of different species. These native soil residents are the workhorses of the phytobiome; the community of macro and microorganisms living amongst, and contributing to the success of our agricultural ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Metagen’s approach be implemented on big farms?

    Large–Scale Capacity

    Yes. Metagen systems are designed for scalability, making them well-suited for large agricultural operations.

  • Will incorporation of biologicals into my system be easy?

    Accessible Biotechnology

    Yes. They are compatible with a wide range of crops and soil types, and easy to apply to diverse farming systems. Our integrated soil health programs also ensure you’re never in the dark about how the system is progressing.

  • Will I see yield increases when adopting ecological solutions?

    Bumper Biomes

    Yes. While initial changes may vary over time, the continuous maintenance of your crop’s microbiome contributes to sustained yield increases due to the improved soil health and nutrient availability driven by a biological system.

  • How will Metagen impact my bottom line?

    Measurable Returns

    If you apply Metagen products consistently, following the recommended use, the Metagen system will improve your ROI profile. Your cost of inputs may be reduced, while yield and crop quality increase, even during periods of environmental stress.

Soil down to a science. 

Unearth the dormant potential in your microbiome,

start adding more value per hectare.